Work Package 8- Implementation

Description of the work package
The refined curriculum was implemented in partner institutions under this work package. The leading institution created a survey for the students and the teachers to get their feedback once more.

The mode of education in the spring term of 2020-2021 Spring Term in all partnering institutions was online and it was decided in the Transnational Meeting conducted by University of Vienna on 20.02.2021 that each partner would implement their modules which are all self-contained and can be regarded as individual courses and Istanbul Technical University would implement the whole course. After a detailed study on the course catalogue form, the form was submitted to the Rectorate Education Commission and the course was accepted to be opened and with the feedback taken from that commission, the form was revised and it was submitted to the Istanbul Technical University Senate and it was accepted as part of the curriculum. You can click here to view the course details.


Besides the surveys conducted and analyzed by UPC, ITU made interviews with the students who took the course and also collected and analyzed questionnaires shared with the teachers of the course. You can access the documents by clicking the titles below:


In the conference of the project on 12-13 July 2021 the results found by UPC were presented. In the training held after the implementation phase, conducted on 14-15 July 2021, the results of the surveys, the questionnaires were presented and the implications of these results were discussed. These presentations could be accessed here.


The project despite the drawback of the pandemic led to prolific results in terms of the courses opened or to be opened in the partner institutions. Drawing on the experiences of the project, the University of Vienna will offer a teacher education module (1 semester 2hr course) on ESP teaching with VR, where future teachers of English will be addressed. Pedagogical University of Krakow (UP) also intends to open a course for prospective teachers to be trained in terms of VR integration in education.  Also, an important effect of the project on Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC) is the creation and approval of a new 3-ECTS optional course based on the project materials that will be officially offered during the spring semester of 2021-22 on the Terrassa Campus (ETSEIAAT, UPC). Ecole Centrale de Lille (ECL) who had the opportunity to try their Virtual Reality equipment before the piloting stage of the project with other applications would also open a course or integrate VR into their courses.


Short-term student and staff mobility activities could not be achieved due to the pandemic. It was not even possible to travel to other countries and it was a great risk to do so. Therefore, the mobility activities could not be conducted.


The staff training was conducted on 14-15 July 2021 for the future implementations of the course.