Work Package 7- Refinement

Description of the work package

This work package with Output 10- Revised Course Content was led by University of Vienna. This work package highly depended on Work Package 6-Pilot the leader of which was Ecole Centrale de Lille. The data gathered during the piloting contributed well to the refinement of the course.


At the TRM held virtually on 20th February 2021, the University of Vienna team presented

the synthesis of suggested changes on the basis of the questionnaires on individual

modules and on the entire course. These changes were based both piloting student and teacher survey results and senior teacher feedback from each institution. UNIVIE shared the suggested changes with each partner as a checklist and these changes were made by each partner. Partners responsible for the individual modules considered the suggested changes, implemented them where relevant and documented the changes and relevant information added to the Teachers’ Handbook. The changes on Moodle were shared with Istanbul Technical University team so they were the ones who updated the whole Moodle platform.


The materials were also refined on Moodle platform of the project and the latest versions of these materials were also uploaded on the official website of the project.


On the Moodle platform, three versions were created. At the beginning of the material design phase, it was thought that the education would be face to face and the platform included the document versions for electronic materials since the teachers would print, copy and use them in the classroom. The assessment materials which were not intended as interactive materials were also intended to be used as documents in the classroom. The interactive activities, that were specifically created as interactive were uploaded on Moodle as interactive materials. Therefore, at the beginning, the platform was mostly for classroom use. However, due to Covid pandemic, the mode education became online and during the piloting, it was suggested by the teacher who pilot the course that all activities that could be turned into interactive should be converted to interactive since all the course was then conducted online. Therefore, while piloting continues, the materials on the platform were turned into interactive. After the refinement results, by a checklist offered by UNIVIE, the work package leader, the partner made the necessary changes on the document versions of the activities and then ITU team undertook the Moodle refinement. You can click here for the Moodle platform of the project. The Moodle platform like the drive still keeps the previous versions of the course. Besides these, the latest version of the course is available on the website of the project.