Work Package 6-Pilot


Description of the work package
Since the curriculum for the course was prepared and ready to use by the completion of Work Package 4 , piloting stage began. The aim of the piloting stage was to evaluate the course, the curriculum, the materials prepared. Whether the course meets its objectives and aims was also a question to be answered at the end of this stage. Since the mode of education in higher education institutions in all the partner countries was online due to the pandemic, the course was tested online. Students from 4 of the partner universities and the teachers who were the researchers of the project and who took part in the course design phase of the project would be given surveys in order to test the pilot course and the results would be analyzed and used for the refinement of the course.


The Work Package leader Ecole Centrale de Lille prepared the surveys and shared these with all the partners and each partner gave feedback and the survey was revised accordingly. The survey was conducted with both students and teachers and the results of this stage was shared with a detailed report by the Work Package Leader and these results were also shared as a presentation in the 6th Transnational Meeting held in Vienna, Austria on 20.02.2021 and these were discussed in detail and along with the results of the surveys offered to senior teachers, the refinement stage was planned.