Work Package 3- Course Planning & Syllabus Design


Description of the work package
O3 Syllabus for the joint English for Professional Purposes Course (Lead: UPC)

Work Package 2 results contributed highly to shape the content of the course. The results of the survey and the observation and the weaknesses and strengths determined by the curriculum analysis helped form the objectives of the course and the syllabus was developed within this work package by considering these results.

In this work package, the rough aims to reach were to determine the learning objectives, learning activities and instructional strategies, to prepare a comprehensive course syllabus and align learning objectives with types of assessment.

In the third transnational meeting conducted in Krakow, Poland just after Work Package 2 was completed on 11-12 June 2019, a workshop was organized and in groups a course framework with titles and subtitles of the course was planned by each group. All of these were collected by UPC, the output leader and a common framework and a template to be filled by each partner was shared with the partners after the meeting. In the meeting, it was decided that each partner would be responsible for one module for the syllabus design and each would give feedback and the whole syllabus would be fine-tuned by the lead and the participating partners and made ready for the material design.

The syllabus created was revised and refined according to the feedback taken from the work package leader and became the foundation for the material design process.