Work Package 1- Project Management and Reporting

The project management and reporting work package continues during the project time period. The below bullet pointed tasks were only the milestones of the package, the documentation of this package is mostly confidential since they include personal information.

Ø The overall aim of this work package is to maintain the project on schedule and on budget.


Ø  In order to manage the project, all partners assigned one contact person and formed a project group.


Ø  The project coordinator was the communication channel between the research group and the National Agency.


Ø  The 7 transnational meetings were organized by the hosting institution and each organization was contributed highly by the project coordinator.


Ø  Other than the transnational meetings, various virtual meetings were held between the partners and the coordinating institution about the work package and output realization.


Ø  Two short-term training events were organized with the collaboration of the host institution and the coordinating institution.


Ø  Two international conferences were held with the collaboration of all partners.


Ø  The project coordinator submitted the reports to the national Agency after the preparation period of the reports by the collaboration of the partners.


Ø  The project coordinator provided a project manual that includes information about project procedures and reporting expenses/actions as well as the templates for supporting documents in the Kick-Off meeting.


Ø  Project coordinator and provided a professional drive in order to keep documentation there.


Ø  Web site for the project was formed and revised according to the developments in the project phase.


Ø  Social media accounts were formed for the project and these were updated with the developments in the project.