Teaching English for Professional Purposes in VR Environment: Theory into Practice

The closure conference of I-BEE-VR Project “Teaching English for Professional Purposes in VR Environment: Theory into Practice” was held online on 12-13 July 2021, hosted by Istanbul Technical University.

The conference started with a welcoming speech by I-BEE-VR Project Coordinator and Conference Chair Lale Tükenmez Ergene and a Project Overview presentation by ITU School of Foreign Languages Director and Conference Co-Chair Dr. Nilüfer Ülker. The morning session of the first of the conference was allocated to I-BEE-VR Presentations and all the work packages of the project were presented by our invaluable university partners The afternoon session of the conference consisted of presentations from 4 invited speakers from prominent universities in USA, Spain and Turkey.

The next day of the conference was allocated for presentations from distinguished invited speakers  from prestigious institutions in Poland, Spain and Turkey. We listened to seven great presentations on the second of the conference which helped us to think more on Virtual Reality integration into our classes.We would like to thank them all for sharing their research with us and contribute to our improvement.

There were 85 registered participants to this conference from different countries and institutions who made this conference a more interactive and frutiful one with their comments and questions.

This project ends at the end of August; however, this is not the end of the research. Therefore, we are looking forward to meeting people with similar research interests in different locations to think deeper about the integration of technology and VR in education.

You can access conference details on this website.