Project Dissemination Event

I-BEE-VR project outcomes were shared with our colleagues at Istanbul Technical University School of Foreign Languages on 25.12.2021.

The presentation was hosted by Dr. Nilüfer Ülker, the director of School of Foreign Languages who is also a researcher of the project on 25.12.2020.

The coordinator project Prof. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene welcomed the attendees and the researchers of the project Dr. Nilüfer Ülker, İmge Şahin Girtten, Betül Akpınar, F. Şehkar Fayda Kınık and Hande Yalınateş Koşar gave their comprehenesive presentations focusing on specific parts of the project.

The presentation was initiated by a general overview of the project given, then the researchers explained the process and the results the needs analysis and finally the syylabus and the materials created within the scope of the project were summarized.