Module 5-Task 2- Activity 3 : Consulting others 

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Activity  3: Consulting others 

In order to be ready to provide the good action or work, we need to consult others or work with others to find out the best way of proceeding the cooperation, work or a common outcome. This activity is about the cooperative work to go through the stage of preparation to designing and writing a leaflet according to the given principles and using the appropriate language. However, as things may go wrong, students need to be familiar with the business informal communication format: a memo.


Input materials and instructional strategies

  1. lead-in: at home Ss go back to Module 5-Task 2-Activity 2c to find out if they have any new ideas regarding all 4 sections, they need to prepare a list of aspects which were difficult for them to write in the worksheet.
  2. T sends Ss a memo regarding their Real Life Task 2 leaflet) as to give students the precise requirements regarding their work: Module 5-Task 2-Activity 3b
  3. Ss study various materials to learn about the principles of writing a memo and they do a checklist to verify their knowledge Module 5-Task 2-Activity 3c (WORKBOOK: 5.4) (INTERACTIVE OPTION available)
  4. Ss create a memo to a teacher about their results of work done in Activity 2c and send it to their teacher: they have to describe the list of the problems they had while working on leaflet preparation, their progress in the work but also have to mention what else needs to be done


  1. lead-in: SS are given 3 samples of a memo, 2 of them are correct. Ss have to choose the wrong one and explain why they don’t comply with the memo writing rules Module 5-Task 2-Activity 3e[15’] (WORKBOOK: 5.5)
  2. Group work: SS work in the same groups as in the previous activity, they have to write an in-house memo in which they explain that their product (from the previous activity 2) has technical features, it is not going to sell and they ask how it can be improved. They also add the information about their problems which they think they may come across while advertising their product. The memo is passed/sent to 2 other groups Module 5-Activity 3f[20’]
  3. Group work: SS go back to the document Module 5-Task 2-Activity 2c and find out what was written by the group which gave them their memo. Ss write back their answers to their problems [45’]



Estimated timing for activity 3:

In class: 90 min.

Out of class: 120 min.


Additional materials (out-of-class):

  1. How to Write a Memo (with Pictures) (a text)
  2. How to Write a Perfect Memo (a film, 13’)
  3. The Key Forms of Business Writing: Basic Memo (a film, 5’)
  4. How to Write a Memo [Template & Examples] (a text)
  5. Sample Memo (a text)
  6. How To Write A Memo (a text)