Module 5-Task 2-Activity 2: Knowing how to prepare to advertise the product and be good at it 

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Activity  2: Knowing how to prepare to advertise the product and be good at it 

In order to be able to analyse and synthesize the technical/professional information and be able to transfer it to the chunks of variables, students are to use the persuasive language to describe the product or service of their choice. They need to follow the certain way to collect all the necessary information.


Input materials and instructional strategies

  1. lead-in: at home Ss study the samples of commercials and written advertising materials and prepare the collection of persuasive means/forms in commercials and leaflets and put them in the worksheet prepared by T Module 5-Task 2-Activity 2a  (OUT-OF-CLASS)
  2. Lead-in: T explains SS that no matter whether they want to advertise their product in a leaflet or in a TV/internet commercial they must clearly show a link between technical features and benefits for the client. On top of it they should use persuasive language and attractive form. T gets the feedback about the persuasive means/forms in commercials and leaflets based on the out-of-class work. T explains the need of use of Passive Voice in persuasive language and revises its structure. Ss do the activity on passive sentences to prepare for using it in the next activity Module 5-Task 2-Activity 2b [20’]
  3. Pair work: T goes together with the Ss through the stages of leaflet/advertising material preparation elements, each time explaining the given element. Ss in pairs get the worksheet with the information regarding detailed questions about each stage, they have to go through it together and fill it in with the outlined information regarding their specific product or service using passive structures (min. 4 times) (chosen in Activity 1g)  Module 5-Task 2-Activity 2c and they write their information in the ’answers’ column


[To help teachers explain all the elements, here is the list of supplementary video materials that can be watched beforehand: Advertising objectives, Starting a business – Market Research, Defining the audience, Selecting your communication channel]


  1. VR activity: A team brainstorming meeting when and where the team is preparing for outlining all the collected information to be used in the advertising leaflet design process. VR_M5_T2_activity 2d


Estimated timing for activity 2:

In class: 90 min.

Out of class: 60 min.


Additional materials (out-of-class):

  1. Latest Technology Commercials
  2. Every tech commercial
  3. 20 Brilliant Product Advertising Video Examples
  4. Top 20 Remarkable Campaign Slogans For Advertising
  5. 101 Best Slogans List
  6. 20 Marketing Phrases That Make Customers Buy
  7. 77 Catchy and Creative Slogans
  8. Leaflet Samples
  9. 7 of the Best Promotional Product Videos Ever
  10. Optional Forum Activities: Module 5: forum activities