Module 5- Task 2- Activity 1:First steps in successful advertising: SWOT analysis 

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Activity 1:  First steps in successful advertising: SWOT analysis 

In order to get familiar with the characteristics of the persuasive language used in ads and leaflets students need to observe their different forms; they also need to understand the SWOT analysis and be able to identify their components.


Input materials and instructional strategies

  1. lead-in: at home Ss study the samples of adverts and leaflets given by the T beforehand to find out the samples of the most frequent advertising and persuasive phrases; they watch the films and study leaflets from links given in their worksheets, they can fill in the special vocabulary worksheet Module 5-Task 2-Activity 1a
  2. Ss also read the texts about leaflets and their structure/organisation in order to make a list of the typical leaflet elements, they fill the worksheet Module 5-Task 2-Activity 1b
  3. at home Ss study the SWOT analysis materials to get familiar with the SWOT concept; Ss fill in the worksheet with their answers in Module 5-Task 2- Activity 1c


  1. T collects the information about the work done in the lead-in stage at home, Ss work in groups and compare their worksheets filled in the out-of-class work [10’]
  2. T together with the Ss (working in groups) create the portfolio of the useful language taken from the samples used in an out-of-class activity Module 5-Task 2-Activity 1d ( Language Portfolio: interactive sample) [25’]
  3. T discusses with Ss the structure of a leaflet commenting the work done in a portfolio [10’]
  4. T summarizes and clarifies the SWOT concept and, then Ss complete the answer sheet based on the films they watched as home assignment: Module 5-Task 2-Activity 1g(INTERACTIVE OPTION available) [10’]
  • example – a film nr 2 (12’); optional: can be done as home assignment together with the comprehension exercise);
    1. Ss in pairs have to decide what product or service they would like to advertise and what features they would like to focus on, Ss work in pairs or groups to collect strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats connected with their product which they decided to promote Module 5-Task 2-Activity 1h [35’]
    2. authentic video: SWOT in CISCOModule 5-Task 2-Activity 1i


Estimated timing for activity 1:

In class: 90 min.

Out of class: 120 min.

Additional materials (out-of-class):

  1. 32 Unforgettable Tech Super Bowl Ads
  2. The Leaflet Guru: Expert leaflet design & printing service
  3. 50+ Captivating Flyer Examples, Templates and Design Tips
  4. Top 10 Essentials Of Effective Leaflet Advertising
  5. optional – grammar websites with the passive structure explanation and exercises Module 5-Task 2-Activity 1j(WORKBOOK: 5.3): Learn English – Passive Voice – English Grammar, The Passive Voice, BBC Learning English – Passive Voice Grammar Reference