Module 5- Task 1: Activity 2:Gathering information about customers’ needs

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Activity 2: Gathering information about customers’ needs 

In order to prepare a good ‘elevator pitch’ Ss need to be aware of what customers’ needs their product responds to. Therefore they should know what their customers’ needs are. They gather information by asking relevant questions.


Input materials. Ss are asked to prepare some materials before coming to class:

  1. Ss watch the video Module 5-Task1-Activity 2a [5 min.],
  2. Ss browse the grammar materials about question formation. T provides a list of useful websites. Ss are told that the outcome will be checked by an in-class activity during the next meeting [30min.]. Module 5-Task1-Activity 2b(WORKBOOK: 5.2)
  3. Ss think about their potential customers and products and prepare 5 questions of each type (direct vs. indirect, specific vs. general) they could ask their potential customer. They bring the table with questions to the next class. [15 min.] Module 5-Task 1-Activity 2c
  4. Ss learn what intonation to use with different type of questions by watching the video Module 5-Task1-Activity 2d[10 min.]


Instructional strategies:

  1. T revises the specific grammar issue: how to form questions in English with the use of a Kahoot exercise [10 min.] Module5-Task1-Activity 2eINTERACTIVE OPTION available
  2. T asks Ss to form pairs and decide what their product/service will be and who their potential customers could be; Ss fill in a Google Form prepared by T [15 min.] Module 5-Task 1-Activity 2f
  3. Pair work: Ss create a questionnaire in a Google Form (10 questions) whose aim is to assess their customers’ needs. They can make use of the questions prepared at home. They choose the most relevant ones or create new ones. [10 min.]. Module 5-Task 1-Activity 2g_h
  4. Ss give their questionnaire to another pair to complete [15 min.]. Module 5-Task 1-Activity 2g_h
  5. T gets the feedback and initiates a discussion. [20 min.] Module 5-Task 1-Activity 2i


Estimated timing for activity 2:   

In class: 70 min.

Out of class: 60 min