Module 5- Task 1: Activity 1: Defining ‘elevator pitch’

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Activity 1 – Defining ‘elevator pitch’

In order to prepare a good ‘elevator pitch’ Ss should know what exactly an ‘elevator pitch’ is and how to prepare it step by step.

Instructional strategies:

  1. Ss are asked what they think an ‘elevator pitch’ is and after short brainstorming session in pairs they are asked to write their ideas using; [10 min]
  2. T briefly comments on their entries; [10 min]
  3. Ss watch (as many times as needed) the introductory video of a TV programme called “Entrepreneur”: (0:00-0:55min) and answer the questions [15 min] Module 5-Task 1-Activity 1c INTERACTIVE OPTION available
  4. ‘That is the best pitch I’ve seen’ – Ss are told that they should always aim at the top quality and therefore they are shown one of the best pitches in the programme. Video: (11:06-12:14 min) and do a gap filling exercise [10 min] Module 5-Task 1-Activity 1d INTERACTIVE OPTION available
  5. To make Ss remember key vocabulary from the example of an elevator pitch,  T  asks them to do the matching exercise [10 min] Module 5-Task1-Activity1e INTERACTIVE OPTION available
  6. Students are asked : What revolution are the Wooter Swim girls starting? and are encouraged to guess what the outcome of their elevator pitch was. Afterwards T plays the video (12:14 – 12:46) [10 min]
  7. Ss are asked to write in pairs their own dictionary-like definition of an ‘elevator pitch’. They put ‘sticky notes’  on a board and compare their definitions with the 3 definitions provided by T (from the business English dictionaries). Module 5 – Task 1 – Activity 1g [15’]
  8. T finishes the class with this short video Elevator pitch – what is it? summarising what an ‘elevator pitch’ is Module 5 – Task 1 – Activity 1h [1:15 min.]


To consolidate and extend knowledge gained in class Ss can read this text and do an additional vocabulary exercise (OUT-OF-CLASS) Module 5-Task1-Hyperlinked Text(WORKBOOK: 5.1)

Estimated timing for activity 1: 

In class: 80 min.

Out of class: 20 min.