Module 5-Real-Life Task 2:Designing and writing a leaflet

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REAL-LIFE TASK 2: Designing and writing a leaflet

  • Planning the work in terms of the content, structure and language
  • Negotiating the solutions
  • Presenting the work in the proper manner
  • Evaluating the work of others according to the given criteria




  • scanning and skimming for the necessary information and applying it to the given work


  • distinguishing between the neutral and persuasive language of advertising the product or service


  • negotiating, compromising the solutions, exchanging the ideas, accepting or refusing


  • linking words
  • the use of proper tense forms
  • personal and impersonal structures

Input materials:

How to Write a Flyer that Sells

10 Mind Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos


Working in any company usually means working in a team of people and sharing work. This task is about planning the work in terms of the content, structure, language, negotiating the solutions, presenting the work in the proper manner, evaluating the work of the others according to the given criteria. And finally, using the advertising leaflet design principles you are to transform the useful technical information into a final product – a leaflet.


Input materials and instructional strategies

  1. Lead-in: individual work: Ss are given the online text about writing a flyer that sells and they have to make notes about the design procedure in a given worksheet, completing the worksheet with their own version of the pieces of advice given in the text Module 5-Task 2-Real Life Task Activity 1a
  2. Ss watch a video about advertising tricks to find out about the ways of creating things which look real, but they are not Module 5-Task 2-Real Life Task Activity 1b(INTERACTIVE OPTION available)


  1. T collects the information about the design procedure and comments all 10 tips in the text used in Real Life Task Activity 1a [15’]
  2. pairwork: at each tip commented by T, Ss make notes on their worksheets what they would like to use/write/explore connected with each tip in order to specify what Ss would like to write in connection with their particular product/service they would like to advertise or recommend; they use the worksheets which they have to fill with their ideas before designing their own work in an out-of-class activity Module 5-Task 2-Real Life Task Activity 1d
  3. pairwork: Ss design their leaflet either in a class or individually at home and publish it online in a folder with Google Disc documents (or optionally on the board in the Padlet online application); Ss follow the guidelines and requirements given in a separate memo Module 5-Real Life Task-Activity 1e
  4. the best can be presented in the class


Estimated timing for Real Life Task 2:

In class: 90 min.

Out of class: 30 min.