Module 5- Real-Life Task 1: Elevator Pitch

Downloadable version of activity b

Downloadable version of VR Activity

You can access the activity on Moodle from here.

REAL-LIFE TASK 1: Elevator pitch 

Input materials:

  1. ‘How to give a perfect pitch’: Ss are asked to watch the video at home before preparing their elevator pitches (in pairs):  How to give the perfect pitch? [30 min.]
  2. Ss use this tool to visualize what they have to say – Pitch Canvas: Module 5-Real Life Task 1-Activity b [20 min]
  3. Ss perform the VR-activity Module 5-Real Life Task 1- VR Activity [40 min.]
  4. Ss watch their elevator pitches and determine whether their colleagues’ ideas should be given funding or not. They do it by completing a Google Form. The elevator pitch with the best score wins. [30]


Estimated timing for the Real Life Task 1:   

Out of class: 120 min