Module 5: LEAD-IN


Downloadable version of the activity 1

Downloadable version of the activity 2

You can access the activity on Moodle by clicking here.

Activity 1:

Ss get acquainted with different persuasive techniques by watching the video and consulting the web page Module 5-Lead-in-Activity 1 [30 min.] (OUT OF CLASS)

Activity 2:

Then in groups, they find and present on a Padlet:

examples of how those techniques are used in commercials and in written advertising (leaflets, brochures) – each group should find 3 examples corresponding to ethos, pathos and logos respectively [20 min.] (IN CLASS) and write their answers in  Module 5-Lead-in-Activity 2

Activity 3:

Ss view work of other groups and discuss the ads and the techniques used focusing on their appeal and effectiveness [20 min.] (IN CLASS)

Estimated timing for the activity:

Out of class: 30 min.

In class: 40 min.