Module 4- Task 2- Activity 3: Introduction to Business Report Writing

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Downloadable version of  activity 3b-ii

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Activity 3a: Content of an Introductory Paragraph

  1. The students are asked to discuss the given questions related to business reports in pairs.  Task 3- Activity 3a-i
  2. The students are provided with functions of different sections in a business report. They are asked to match the functions with corresponding parts in the report. (INTERACTIVE MATERIALS, O4)Task 2- Activity 3a-ii

Activity 3b: Writing an Introductory Paragraph

  1. The students are provided with separate sentences in the introductory paragraph created specifically for this purpose in a jumbled order. They are asked to put the sentences in an order to create an accurate introductory paragraph.  Task 2- Activity 3b-i
  2. The students are provided with prompts to write an introductory paragraph of a business report. (ELECTRONIC COURSE MATERIALS, O6) Task 2- Activity 3b-ii

Estimated timing in total for activity:

In-class: 20 min

Out of class: 30 min