Module 4- Task 1- Activity 4: Determining action steps using the hierarchy of control measures

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Activity 4-Determining action steps using the hierarchy of control measures

Activity 4a-

Students will be asked to read and become acquainted with the two real-life cases of safety issues presented. (teacher-led) Task 1- Activity 4a

Activity 4b- Identifying the consequences of risk treatment

By answering four comprehension questions, they will identify the action steps taken by the real-life actors involved in these case scenarios by using the hierarchy of control measures. (teacher-led) Task 1- Activity 4b

Activity 4c- PRO/CON Analysis of potential control options

Students will be presented with a filled version of a Risk Management Template. They will familiarize with the hazard associated with a doughnut mixer, identify the risk and possible control measures. They will be asked to discuss the PROs and CONs for each of the possible actions identified. Suggested answers will be given in hyperlinks. In this activity, students should be encouraged to conduct an online research to get more information. (in pairs)Task 1- Activity 4c

Estimated timing in total for activity:   

In-class: 30 min.