Module 4- Task 1- Activity 3: Familiarizing with the concept of hierarchy of control measures

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Activity 3-Familiarizing with the concept of hierarchy of control measures

Activity 3a- Learning about the types of control measures

Students will be provided with the graph displaying the hierarchy of control measures and will be asked to read the text elaborating on these measures. (teacher-led). Students will analyse the text and identify the key information by answering three guiding questions. Task 1- Activity 3a

Activity 3b- Getting familiar with the real-life examples of control measures

Students will match real life examples with the appropriate control measure from the table and fill in the blanks in the reading text. (pair work in class) or  Task 1- Activity 3b

Activity 3c- Familiarizing with safety-related nouns with the suffix –ION

Students will read the information about the suffix “-ION” below and familiarize with its use. Using the variation of the suffix “-ION”, Ss will make nouns from the verbs extracted from the reading passage and complete the chart with the new words. The definition for each of the verbs chosen is given in hypertext.  Task 1- Activity 3c

Estimated timing in total for activity: 

In-class: 50 min

Out of class: 20 min.