Module 4- Task 1- Activity 2: Creating and Interpreting a Risk Assessment Template

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Activity 2 –Creating and interpreting a risk assessment template

Activity 2a: Analyzing the occupational safety guidelines and steps of risk assessment process

Students will be provided with a reading text in the form of a booklet prepared for the newly recruited or trainee engineers about the importance of risk assessment at workplace. Students are expected to asks the right question to identify hazards and risks.  Task 1- Activity 2a

Activity 2b: Identifying the steps of risk assessment process

In this step, students are also expected to identify and analyze the steps of risk assessment process. After watching a video about the steps of risks assessment process, students will be asked to order the step of risk assessment given in scrambled order. Task 1- Activity 2b

Activity 2c: Creating the risk assessment template

Students will be provided with the dimensions of risk assessment template (severity and likelihood) in scrambled order and asked to put them into the correct order to have the correct template/matrix. After matching the likelihood dimension of the template, students will be presented with the basic complete template and check their answers.  The activities Step 2c and Step 2d could be done in any order. You may choose to do Step 2d before Step 2c. Task 1- Activity 2c

Activity 2d: Interpreting the results of the risk assessment template

In order to analyse the results of the template and have a complete understanding of  the analysis process, it is important to interpret the levels of the risks. Students will be provided with necessary information to understand what each level means. The brief information regarding each level will be presented through hypertexts that appear when the cursor clicks on different colour coded levels on the template. Task 1- Activity 2d

Estimated timing in total for activity:

In-class: 60 min