Module 3- Task 3- Real-Life Task: Oral presentation of the product in front of the company management board 

REAL-LIFE TASK 3: Oral presentation of the product in front of the company management board 


  • Giving an oral presentation of the product (prototype developed by the team) to convince the company management board to develop and manufacture it. It is a persuasive presentation based on the contents of the PSD. Students must make sure that they identify and emphasise the USP (Unique Selling Point) of their proposal and the supporting argument(s).



  • Giving a clear, well-structured presentation of a complex subject, providing persuasive arguments, evidence and possible counter-arguments



  • Persuasive language
  • Signposting expressions
  • Phrases used in oral presentations: attention grabbers, phrases to express claims and conclusions



Persuasive oral presentation delivered to management


Input materials:

  • all the materials developed in the previous activities (activities 1-4)


Detailed description of procedures, roles, mode and interaction:

  • Individually (out of class): Students incorporate peer feedback from activity 4 and rehearse the presentation once more out of class
  • Each student delivers and records his/her oral presentation in a VR environment
  • Student role: company employee
  • VR environment: simulation of the company’s general management board (students from the same university acting as the management board could facilitate peer assessment)
  • Assessment: teacher assessment of the recording, peer assessment of the recording (optional)


Expected outcomes:

  • presenting a product using sustained coherent and logical arguments


Estimated timing:

  • Out-of-class rehearsing: 40 minutes
  • VR environment (individually): 15 minutes
  • Teacher feedback on presentation: 20 minutes