Module 3- Task 2: Pre-Production: Understanding Processes and Specifications

Module 3 Task 2 “Pre-Production: Understanding Processes and Specifications” consists of  5 activities and a real-life task.

Activity 1: Understanding simple processes

Activity 2: Students work on a brainstorming activity for inventing a simple (and humorous) process

Activity 3: Understanding specifications

Activity 4: Work on dealing with suppliers

Activity 5: Writing a brief progress report

Real-Life Task: Updating the boss

TASK 2: Pre-Production: Understanding Processes and Specifications
Learning objectives for task 2:



●      B1 I can identify the different sections of specialized articles: abstract, introduction, methods, discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements and references; and recognize key information within each section.

●      B1 I can identify different types of graphs and tables, and their purpose.

●      B2 I can adapt my style and speed of reading to different texts and purposes and consult appropriate reference sources selectively.

●      B2 I can understand articles on specialized topics occasionally using a dictionary and other reference sources to check specific vocabulary.

●      B2 I can extract the information in the different sections of a technical document, if I can reread difficult sections and consult the dictionary.

●      B2 I can understand a fairly wide range of specific and more complex texts, with the occasional use of a dictionary, if I can re-read difficult sections.


●      B1 I can write simple connected texts on technical topics which are familiar.

●      B1 I can use the passive voice to express ideas that require an impersonal construction or when it is more convenient to stress the thing done than the doer.

●      B2 I can write clear and detailed texts such as reports and texts of presentations on topics related to my fields of interest, varying my vocabulary and style according to the kind of text.

●      B2 I can write a report passing on information.

●      B2 I can write e-mails highlighting the personal significance of events and experiences.


●      B2 I can understand the majority of video documents dealing with processes.

SPEAKING PRODUCTION: explaining a process, giving an update / progress report (B2)

●      B2 I can give clear and detailed descriptions on subjects related to my field.

●      C1 I can present clear and detailed reports integrating sub-themes, developing particular points and rounding off with an appropriate conclusion.

SPEAKING INTERACTION: interacting with departmental Head and other colleagues, brainstorming (B1/B2)

●      B1 I can enter unprepared in to conversation or brainstorming sessions on topics that are familiar or of professional interest.

●      B2 I can take an active part in discussion in familiar contexts, accounting for and sustaining my views.


●      Vocabulary: technical processes / specifications, language of complaints, e-mails

●      Grammar & Discourse: comparing, sequencing, passives

GENRES: Meetings, procedures, specifications, reports, business letters and e-mails