Module 3- Task 1- Activity 5: Understanding cultural differences in negotiation

Activity 5 – Understanding cultural differences in negotiation (IN CLASS)

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Students will be asked to consider cultural differences when negotiating with contacts from different parts of the world:


  1. They will listen to an interview with a Russian businessperson, and answer questions based on understanding the audio text.

Task 1-Activity5a

  1. They will be asked to consider the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of dealing with contacts from different countries, followed by a brainstorming session requiring students to draw on their own experiences.


  1. They will watch a number of video clips of various business people interacting and take notes on the behaviours observed.


  1. They will roleplay a negotiating situation between a CEO of a company and a potential outsourcing firm in India



Estimated timing:  45 minutes in class