Module 3- Real-Life Task 2: Updating the boss

REAL-LIFE TASK 2 – Updating the boss (IN CLASS)

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This task will comprise a role-playing activity for students in pairs. One student will play the role of an engineer in charge of his / her project, and the other will play the role of the department manager. Using their role cards, the students will exchange on the progress of their report.



  • Giving brief explanations for opinions real or hypothetical, plans, and actions.
  • Structuring a simple talk in a comprehensible way, indicating the beginning and end of each section using cohesive devices, and present it clearly speaking from notes or visual aids.
  • Developing a viewpoint on an issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options


  • Exchanging points of view and personal opinions in an informal discussion with colleagues.
  • Indicating, maintaining and ending discourse naturally with effective turn-taking.


  • Vocabulary of technical specifications
  • Language to describe procedures


  • Reports
  • Procedures (description of process)

Input materials:


Detailed description of procedures, roles, mode and interaction:

Students roleplay situations where they have to report to their boss about the progress of their work. If time allows, they can take turns playing the roles. They are given guidelines but they can also add any questions they think fit to the situation.

Assessment: teacher/peer assessment of the interactions.

Expected outcomes:

  • Identifying materials and equipment prior to starting manufacturing.
  • Explaining various processes, from the simplest to the more complex ones.
  • Understanding instructions and specifications.
  • Taking part in a negotiation, expressing their opinion, agreeing and disagreeing, making proposals.


Estimated timing: 30 minutes in class