Module 3- REAL-LIFE TASK 1: Conference meet-up / exchange

REAL-LIFE TASK 1: Conference meet-up / exchange (IN CLASS)

Downloadable version of Real-Life Task 1a

Downloadable version of Real-Life Task 1b

Downloadable version of Real-Life Task 1c

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SCENARIO: This task will comprise a role-play, in which students from different groups imagine they are meeting up at a conference and exchange on the projects they are working on.

  1. They will start by listening to a socialising conversation and complete an exercise based on listening comprehension.

Real-LifeTask 1a

  1. They will complete written socialising conversations using common conversational phrases used in such situations.

Real-Life Task 1b

  1. They will role play a socialising conversation with another student and discuss the project they are working on, and add any “small talk” they believe may be relevant.

Real-Life Task 1c


  • Ice-breaking / Socialising with colleagues
  • Discussing / Exchanging on current project work


  • Reading
  • Revising language of ice-breaking / socialising
  • Writing
  • Completing gap-filling exercises
  • Listening
  • Listening to real-life socialising conversations
  • Speaking interaction
  • Introducing oneself in a conference setting
  • Exchanging information in discussions
  • Taking turns in informal meet-ups
  • Speaking production:
  • Talking about project progress so far

Input materials:

  • All the materials developed in the previous activities (activities 1-5)

Detailed description of procedures, roles, mode and interaction:

  • In-class work: Based on the materials produced in the previous activities, and having completed the initial real-life activities mentioned above, students imagine they are meeting each other for the first time in a conference setting. They must introduce themselves briefly to each other, make some small talk, and then give each other information based on their project progress so far. Some suggested topics of discussion include the company they work for, area of business, department they work for, recent developments, difficulties with suppliers (raw materials, delivery times, customs duties, …)

Assessment: by the teacher as the activity takes place

Expected outcomes:

  • Students can talk about themselves and their work informally.
  • Students can discuss appropriately about the work carried out on their project so far.


Estimated timing:  30 minutes in class