Module 2- Task 3- Activity 4: Rehearsing the presentation 

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Activity 4 – Rehearsing the presentation 

In this activity students rehearse their presentations to gain practice and confidence. They should present their ideas using convincing arguments supported by good reasoning and evidence. They should also incorporate appropriate linguistic and paralinguistic features learned in the previous activity (Module 2-Task 3-Activity 3)

  1. Individually, each student practices his/her speech with the sketch of the product and PSD text as the basis for preparation. They should also use the introduction, conclusion and list of main arguments prepared in activities 1-3. (optional video-recording practice) (OUT OF CLASS) (O6 ELECTRONIC COURSE MATERIALS) or (O5 VR) Module 2-Task 3-Activity 4a

If a VR environment is created, it should simulate the delivery of the presentation in a stressful environment (hostile audience, slides do not work, etc.)

  1. In pairs or groups, students get together with a partner to deliver the presentation to each other. The partner provides feedback. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Task 3-Activity 4b


Estimated timing:

Out-of-class/VR rehearsing: 50 minutes

In-class rehearsing:  30 minutes



Peer feedback and evaluation, teacher assessment