Module 2- Task 3- Activity 2: Planning an oral presentation 

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Activity 2 – Planning an oral presentation 


After exploring different models in Activity 1, students become ready to prepare their own product presentations, as they have to convince management of the feasibility of their project/product. In Activity 2, they will use the materials developed in TASK 1 and TASK 2 about their project/product in order to plan their presentation. The expected outcome is an outline for the presentation, to be developed by students according to the audience analysis that they will carry out.

  1. Ss prepare the outcomes of tasks 1 and 2 in this module, with notes on the feasibility, technical specifications and description and use of the product/project developed. They will take notes that will serve as the basis for preparing the persuasive presentation to be delivered to the management board.(OUT OF CLASS)  Module 2-Task 3-Activity 2a
  2. Ss carry out an audience analysis to help them pitch their presentation at the right level (and decide on the contents that they will include in the presentation).(OUT OF CLASS)   Module 2-Task 3-Activity 2b
  3. According to the audience analysis above, the students develop an outline for their persuasive presentations, paying attention to their USP and persuasive claim. (OUT OF CLASS)   Module 2-Task 3-Activity 2c
  4. In pairs, students review each other’s presentation outlines, assessing their appropriateness for the given communicative situation and, especially, identifying the USP (Unique Selling Point) and persuasive claim. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Task 3-Activity 2d

They share their outlines (presenting them briefly) with the rest of the class for feedback from classmates and lecturer. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Task 3-Activity 2e


Estimated timing in total for activity:

Out of class: 90 minutes

In-class work: 35 minutes