Module 2- Task 3- Activity 1: Becoming familiar with persuasive oral presentations

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Activity 1 – Becoming familiar with persuasive oral presentations 


In this activity, students become familiar with persuasive presentations. In this out-of-class activity, students read a text and take notes on the keys to an effective persuasive presentation. They then watch an example presentation and identify the elements that make it persuasive. As a follow-up, they search for other persuasive presentations. The goal is that students learn to identify those elements that make a persuasive presentation, which they can then apply to the presentation they are preparing for the management board.

  1. Reading: Ss reflect on the characteristics that make a persuasive presentation as a lead-in to the reading text. Then they read the text and fill in the table with the characteristics of an effective persuasive presentation. (OUT OF CLASS) Module 2-Task 3-Activity 1a

Listening/Watching: Ss watch the following TED talk as an example of a persuasive presentation.

  1. They identify how the characteristics of persuasive presentations seen in Activity 1a are present in the video shown in Activity 1b. They also complete an outline of the presentation in order to learn how a persuasive talk is structured (and to have a model for their own presentations). Module 2-Task 3-Activity 1b

As a follow-up, students look for examples of effective persuasive presentations so that they can have models that inspire them to develop theirs.


Estimated timing in total for activity:

Out of class: 75 minutes