Module 2- Task 2: Real-Life Task: Producing the final version of the technical specifications document

REAL-LIFE TASK 2:  Producing the final version of the technical specifications document


Based on the work developed in the preparatory activities, students develop a written text conforming to the genre of PSD and with the appropriate language. Taking into account the primary and secondary audiences (managers and technicians/developers) of the document, students have gathered the relevant information about the product designed in previous activities and develop the written text.



-Producing a professional document conforming to the conventions of the PSD genre

-Expressing technical specifications clearly and appropriately according to the audience

-Revising, editing and proofreading a professional text


-Expressions used in PSDs

-Use of modal verbs in the passive voice. The passive voice and other impersonal structures.

-Expressions indicating function and physical description.



– Written technical specifications (PSD document)


Input materials:

–       all the materials developed in the previous activities (activities 1-4)


Detailed description of procedures, roles, mode and interaction:

-Based on the outline produced in Activity 4, each student develops the PSD.  Students can work individually or in pairs to develop the document. In the latter case, they will collaborate on the drafting, revising and editing. They will have to ensure that the document conforms to the conventions of the PSD. If the activity is done in class, students and lecturer can engage in discussion/comparison of PSD versions, evaluating them. Student role: company employee


Assessment: teacher/peer assessment of the written text. Self-assessment of the text produced vs. model PSDs.


Expected outcomes:

Producing a professional PSD text.

Estimated timing:

In-class 50 minutes