Module 2- Task 1- Activity 3: Becoming familiar with a team meeting 

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Activity 3 –Becoming familiar with a team meeting 

Informal meetings are a common way of communication in companies. This activity covers informal departmental meetings that engineers hold with colleagues in their team. Informal meetings are differentiated from more formal meetings. It is reminded that Module 1 (Task 3, Activity 3) also covers formal-informal meetings, which students can revisit to refresh, if necessary.

Ss visit and read web-based materials on the features of informal meetings and answer questions that help raise awareness about the differences between an informal team meeting and a formal meeting.

Ss try to identify the main features that make up formal and informal meetings. They have to label the two types of meetings by writing I (Informal meetings) or F (Formal) or B (both types of meetings) next to every sentence. (IN & OUT OF CLASS) Module 2-Task 1-Activity 3a 

  1. Ss watch a video simulating a team meeting where different characters’ attitudes ruin the meeting. Ss analyse these attitudes and suggest improvements as they answer some questions provided. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Task 1-Activity 3b
  2. Ss carry out a Role Play activity where they simulate they have to discuss about their new product or project, They put in practice what they have learnt about informal team meetings. ( IN CLASS) Module 2- Task 1- Activity 3c


Estimated timing in total for activity:  

In-class work: 30 minutes (groupwork)

Out-of-class work: 20 minutes