Module 2- Task 1- Activity 2: Carrying out market research 

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Activity 2 – Carrying out market research 

  1. Ss have to complete a SWOT analysis after watching the video on the BinE project.  After watching and listening carefully, Ss answer the questions below and compare them with a partner. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Task 1-Activity 2a

Ss can also find more activities on SWOT in Module 5.

  1. Ss look for information about similar products already in the market and/or competing products. Then Ss jot down the relevant data in the table below in a very sketchy way (OUT OF CLASS). Module 2-Task 1-Activity 2b
  2. Based on the product they have chosen, Ss and carry out their SWOT analysis. (OUT OF CLASS) Module 2-Task 1-Activity 2c


Estimated timing in total for activity:   

Out-of-class search: 30 minutes

In-class discussion: 20 minutes