Module 2-Task 1-Activity 1: Brainstorming for ideas on innovative products 

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Activity 1 – Brainstorming for ideas on innovative products 

VIDEO Pre-Viewing:

  1. Ss look at the pictures (screenshots from the video) taken from two videos that explain innovative products that have been proposed by the innovation department of a company. Ss have to figure out what products they are and what innovation they bring. Ss watch the videos and compare their answers. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Task 1-Activity 1a


Post-viewing activities:

  1. Ss read the following terms, trying to explain their meaning in their own words. When they can’t, they look up the definitions. T checks that Ss understand the meaning of the words. (IN & OUT OF CLASS) Module 2-Task 1-Activity 1b
  2. After watching the videos, Ss have to identify each innovation and examine its viability. They will do that by filling out the table provided. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Task 1-Activity 1c

T and Ss correct in class.

  1. In groups or in pairs (T decides depending on the size of the group), Ss choose the product that they want to develop. They may choose one of the products presented in the videos or, alternatively, they can choose to develop a real product that they have worked on (or are working on) as part of their engineering studies. The product that they have chosen will be the basis for developing the tasks for this unit. (IN & OUT OF CLASS) Module 2- Task 1-Activity 1d


Estimated timing in total for activity: 

In-class and out of class reading: 30 minutes

In-class pair discussion: 25 minutes