Module 2- LEAD-IN

Downloadable version of lead-in Activity 1

Downloadable version of lead-in Activity 2

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In order to prepare for the module on innovative products, students will watch two videos of the presentation of innovative products and discuss what makes them innovative. However, innovation does not necessarily mean success, so they will also discuss some classic examples of failure.  They will be shown some innovative products that did not succeed as their developers had expected. Students will analyse the causes of those failures.


  1. As input, they watch the following presentation of a smog vacuum cleaner, to be found below (watch up to minute 7:05)

They answer some questions about the product presented (OUT-OF-CLASS). Module 2-Lead-in-Activity1


  1. From the example in the video, Ss carry out a brainstorming activity on innovation, using a word cloud, to gather their ideas on what makes successful innovation. But innovation, even when carried out by big companies with large development teams can also result in failure. Students look at examples of failed products aimed at an international market and discuss the reasons why those products failed. (IN CLASS) Module 2-Lead-in-Activity2


Estimated timing for activity:

Out-of-class: 15 minutes

In-class: 40 minutes