Module 2- Follow-up/Reflection Tasks



  • Assessing one’s and other’s work (the latter in class situations):

Look at the PSD (or PSDs) produced and assess it in terms of the accuracy, appropriateness and clarity of the document(s). To what extent are you satisfied with the result? You can compare the text(s) produced with the models seen at the start of the module.

Analyze the presentation you’ve given (and other students’ presentations if you’re in a class).  How well did you do? Do you think the presentation(s) was/were effective enough (i.e. convincing)?

  • Self-assessment of progress:

Considering the skills proposed at the start of the module, evaluate your progress. What skills have you developed the most? Which require further work?

  • Extension work:

Finding a scenario for a persuasive presentation / Giving students a template (e.g. to do a PSD


Estimated time:

In class: 30 minutes

Out-of-class reflection and further work: 50 min.