Module 1- LEAD-IN

Activity 1: Experiences with job applications and interviews, the job-seeking process

Downloadable version of the activity

You can access the activity on Moodle by clicking here.

In order to prepare for the module, students will carry out an out-of-class activity with an interviewee of their choice.

Input materials:

  • Worksheet interview (+ instructions, notes): Module 1-Lead-in
  • Moodle Wiki (for entering findings)



  1. Ss find a person that works in your field of engineering
  2. Ss interview this person about experience with job applications and interviews and collect your answers on the worksheet
  1. Ss bring findings to class or enter findings into wiki on platform (T provides Wiki)

Estimated timing: out-of class: 30 min interview + 15 min compiling answers

Activity 2: Brainstorming with word cloud generator

Input materials:



  1. T creates poll using word cloud generator (Heading: GETTING A JOB)
  2. T presents poll, Ss can respond using url (note: enter_phrases_with_underscore)
  3. Ss add their ideas via smartphone, word cloud created in real-time on screen
  4. T gives brief overview/discussion of module components (task 1)

Estimated timing 20 min (in class)