• By clicking the I-BEE-VR Modules on the upper tab of the I-BEE-VR website you can have access to the General Guide and 5 modules created within the project.


  • General Guide offers an overview of each module.


  • Each module includes 2 or 3 tasks. Each task starts with a document which gives an overview of the task. When you click on the task title, you can access this document.


  • All the activities within the modules are listed as links. When you click on the activities, you will reach the document on which you can access downloadable versions of the activity with its answer key and Moodle version of the activity. Each activity document includes the instructions for the teacher to conduct the activity again with the links provided to reach downloadable versions of the activity. These activities are suitable to use in the classroom. Besides, all these activities can also be used for self-study.


  • The modules are self-contained in themselves; therefore, you can decide to teach and/or study the one you or your students need. Although these modules follow each other and thus could be implemented as a whole course, each of the modules is also organized as self-contained, so they can be studied and/or taught separately.


  • Each activity document directs you to the Moodle version, so if you would like to use these modules for self-learning, the platform offers a more interactive learning opportunity. The Moodle could be accessed by clicking here.



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