The event aims to bring together practitioners, researchers and decision makers in the field of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) teaching to provide a means for dynamic exchange of ideas and discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing language teachers at tertiary level in preparing students for linguistically and culturally diverse workplace dynamics.

In the modern workplace, language competence is as crucial as technical expertise. By developing effective verbal and interpersonal skills, students in tertiary level as potential candidates of skilled workforce can possess the competence to engage in various technical and commercial activities as well as science and technology growth.

In this context, ESP practitioners have to adapt or even reinvent their knowledge, methods, and practices to the needs of modern society. Technological advances play an important role in the ESP classes today more than ever in the form of online tools, social platforms, academic management systems, test development softwares and more recently virtual learning environments. They keep transforming ESP classroom by creating a more communicative space, by expanding ESP practicioners ability to design more effective materials and more importantly by enabling them to incorporate more authentic forms of language into the lessons.

However, given the focused nature of ESP practice which is determined by learners’ specific needs and the complex nature of implementing new technologies in classroom, a range of challenges and obstacles are faced by ESP practitioners on a daily basis.

The most important purpose of the Teaching Business and Engineering English in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities Conference is to offer an opportunity to share and discuss the latest opportunities as well as current challenges encountered in the process of teaching ESP and thrive together.

We eagerly look forward to your contributions!