I-BEE VR was selected as “Good Practice Sample” by the European Commission


Under the coordination of Prof Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene from the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department, Immersive Business and Engineering English in Virtual Reality: A tool for the Sustainable Mobility of the Skilled Workforce in the EU (I-BEE-VR), a project within the scope of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education was successfully completed in 2022 with the partnerships of University of Vienna, Ecole Centrale de Lille, Pedagogical University of Krakow and ITU Alumni Association. The project was awarded as the “Good Practice Example” by European Commission. Assoc. Prof. Nilüfer Ülker, director of School of Foreign Languages and instructors of this school; namely, Dr. Şehkar F. Kınık, Hande Yalınateş Koşar, İmge Şahin Girtten F. Betül Akpınar and Bekir Şerifoğlu, Research Assistant Çağatay Koç from the Faculty of Computer Engineering were the researchers of the project. For details, you can visit the European Union Erasmus+ Project Results platform.



I-BEE-VR Training Event- July 14-15 2021

I-BEE-VR Project held its last training event for the researchers and the teachers who could teach the course in the future. The training event was organized by University of Vienna and Polytechnic University of Catalonia with the contribution of all the partners.

The training was initiated by a technical Virtual Reality equipment presentation which was organized as a workshop and this workshop was given by Hilmi Özdemir. It was a technical hands-on session on how to use the equipment, how to upload the files or programs and how to operate the goggles. After a break, queries from the partner institutions were answered especially on common problems that can be expected in the classroom.

On the second day of the training, İmge Şahin Girtten from İstanbul Technical University made a Literature Review Presentation the use of Virtual Reality in English Language Teaching of Foreign Language Teaching. This session was followed by the presentation on the interview outcomes of the students during the implementation of the course in İstanbul Technical University and written feedback from the teachers implementing the course. After these presentations, the coherence of the course was discussed and finally each module was commented in detail by all the partners who implemented it. These comments will be shared by all the teachers who will implement the course after the project ends and a closed Facebook group will be created for current and future teachers of this course.

Further steps about the dissemination and the implementation of the course and possible adaptations were discussed and the training was completed with happy faces although it had a touching atmosphere since this was the last official meeting of the project partners


Teaching English for Professional Purposes in VR Environment: Theory into Practice

The closure conference of I-BEE-VR Project “Teaching English for Professional Purposes in VR Environment: Theory into Practice” was held online on 12-13 July 2021, hosted by Istanbul Technical University.

The conference started with a welcoming speech by I-BEE-VR Project Coordinator and Conference Chair Lale Tükenmez Ergene and a Project Overview presentation by ITU School of Foreign Languages Director and Conference Co-Chair Dr. Nilüfer Ülker. The morning session of the first of the conference was allocated to I-BEE-VR Presentations and all the work packages of the project were presented by our invaluable university partners The afternoon session of the conference consisted of presentations from 4 invited speakers from prominent universities in USA, Spain and Turkey.

The next day of the conference was allocated for presentations from distinguished invited speakers  from prestigious institutions in Poland, Spain and Turkey. We listened to seven great presentations on the second of the conference which helped us to think more on Virtual Reality integration into our classes.We would like to thank them all for sharing their research with us and contribute to our improvement.

There were 85 registered participants to this conference from different countries and institutions who made this conference a more interactive and frutiful one with their comments and questions.

This project ends at the end of August; however, this is not the end of the research. Therefore, we are looking forward to meeting people with similar research interests in different locations to think deeper about the integration of technology and VR in education.

You can access conference details on this website.



The Last Transnational Meeting of I-BEE-VR

The last Transnational Meeting of I-BEE-VR Project was held on July 14, 2021. The meeting started with a speech from the coordinator of the Project, Prof. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene in which she thanked all of our university partners one by one and shared her appreciation with their dedication and commitment to the project from the beginning till the end. Following this, a presentation on the final reporting stages and the steps to close the project successfully were shared with the project partners. This session included discussion sessions about finalization of the project. This meeting was completed by remarks from each partner about the project. As the hosting institution, İstanbul Technical University wished they had these days together face to face with their partners in İstanbul, eating good food and having time together and enjoy the both the partnership and the city. However, the conditions did not allow once more. However, all the partners are always welcome in Turkey, the home country of the coordinating institution.

I-BEE-VR Upcoming Conference

Teaching English for Professional Purposes in VR Environment: Theory into Practice is the closure conference of this project and will be held on 12-13 July, 2021 online and will be hosted by İstanbul Technical University.

The goal of this conference is to present the joint curriculum and to introduce the I-BEE-VR platform to professionals and students and also the results of the piloting stage in this project will be shared with public.

This conference will also offer an opportunity for the practitioners in Business and Engineering English Language Teaching to focus on developing an innovative classroom setting equipped with VR technology. The participants will not only experience a VR-based English class but also enhance their perspectives in terms of practicality.

The most important purpose of the Teaching English for Professional Purposes in VR Environment: Theory into Practice is to offer an opportunity to share and discuss the latest technologies in language teaching as well as challenges encountered in this age of digitalized education.

So we would like to announce and invite you to our event organized:

When: 12-13 July 2021(The schedule to be announced)

Where: Online via ZOOM (hosted by Istanbul Technical University)

Who: all the project partners and all the people interested in teaching and the use of modern technologies in the educational process

Registration is free. Please use the direct link to the registration form as follows:

Audience: https://forms.gle/4p8qjcZmceoSxP1a8

If you have any queries, please write to: itu@ibeevr.org

You can also click here for conference website.

We eagerly look forward to your contributions and seeing you in our conference.


Project Dissemination Event

I-BEE-VR project outcomes were shared with our colleagues at Istanbul Technical University School of Foreign Languages on 25.12.2021.

The presentation was hosted by Dr. Nilüfer Ülker, the director of School of Foreign Languages who is also a researcher of the project on 25.12.2020.

The coordinator project Prof. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene welcomed the attendees and the researchers of the project Dr. Nilüfer Ülker, İmge Şahin Girtten, Betül Akpınar, F. Şehkar Fayda Kınık and Hande Yalınateş Koşar gave their comprehenesive presentations focusing on specific parts of the project.

The presentation was initiated by a general overview of the project given, then the researchers explained the process and the results the needs analysis and finally the syylabus and the materials created within the scope of the project were summarized.


The sixth transnational meeting of the project was held on 20.02.2021. It was hosted online by University of Vienna although we all wished to see our colleagues face to face. In this meeting, the agenda of which can be viewed below, the piloting outcomes are shared by the pilotting work package leader Ecole Centrale de Lille and the refinement suggestions are presented by University of Vienna. Each item was discussed by all the partners and refinement process is planned. The meeting is completed with discussing the further steps of the project which includes the implementation phase and the last transnational meeting and the upcoming conference.





The Fifth Transnational Meeting and Pre-Piloting Short-Term Staff Training Event

The fifth Transnational Meeting and Pre-Piloting Short-Term Staff Training Event was held between 8-11 September online. Both hosted by Ecole Centrale de Lille, these four days contributed to the project and the project partners. The transnational meeting focused on sharing the results of the Work Package completed and the output leaders presented their overall progress. The coordinating institution made a presentation and a Q&A session in order to clarify the steps ahead.

The training event was hosted by Ecole Centrale de Lille and organized by Pedagogical University of Krakow. The trainings focused on Moodle, its use and how to improve the platform by external applications. These sessions highly enlightened the project partners who will be teaching the Pilot Course. Also, PANDORA, the company partner gave a presentation how to use VR equipment which will help the prospective teachers of the course. After a tiring and fruitful 4-day period, we are looking forward to our small gift parcels from Ecole Centrale de Lille. Although we could not meet in person this time, we would like to thank our partners for this sincere collaboration and for not forgetting the intercultural aspect and soul of the project. We are looking forward to meeting in our next meeting.



We are all enthusiastic to learn how to implement the course we have all contributed to. In this three-day workshop, hosted by Ecole Centrale de Lille and prepared by Pedagogical University of Krakow, a comprehensive training will be given to those who will pilot the course in their institutions during the Fall Term. The agenda of the training is as follows (2 pages):


Agenda Lille Meeting Sept 2020 ver3 2


The fifth transnational meeting will be hosted by Ecole Centrale de Lille and it is planned to summarize the completed outputs and get the necessary feedback and organize the upcoming piloting and implementation stages. All project partners will attend the meeting and share their contribution to the project and help organize the following stages. The agenda of the meeting is as follows (2 pages):


Agenda Lille Meeting Sept 2020 ver3 2