Applicant Organisation

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is one of the most prominent and oldest technical universities in the world and is known for its success in science, technology, art and sport achievements as well as its history of 242 years. With its 23 engineering programs accredited by ABET Accreditation, ITU is among the world’s leader universities specifically in the field of engineering. It offers 42 undergraduate programs at 13 faculties, a variety of doctoral programs at 6 institutes on five different campuses, all of which are located in the heart of Istanbul. ITU has a faculty of 2067 professors and 24.373 undergraduate and 13.548 graduate level students, 1594 of whom are foreign students. The university has also 360 laboratories and 13 research centres and has presented numerous scientific and technological international development projects for many years as well as conducting over 200 research and development projects in the scope of ARI Techno city. The university also offers a great number of double major programs and is among the top universities in Turkey by having provided a broad range of Erasmus exchange programs for 15 years with more than 900 international agreements, having 123 international partnership worldwide, 119 Memorandum of Understanding and 12 dual degree program agreements with 9 Universities in the US. The university constantly provides support for students-entrepreneurs and has promoted various innovations in Turkey and the world for many years. By giving top priority to continuous development, innovative perspective and strong international contacts, ITU proves to be an international research university that strengthens global research collaborations and boosts innovation in the field of science and technology.

ITU School of Foreign Languages (ITU SFL) offers intensive English Language Prep Programs, undergraduate pool lessons under Advanced English Program, and elective language courses. ITU SFL is a prominent institution in Turkey in the field of language teaching, curriculum preparation and assessment procedures, and it currently has 149 instructors and 2942 students. Besides having designed language training and numerous books for more than thirty years, ITU SFL applied a course and compiled a book on Technical English in 2013-2014 academic year. ITU SFL was accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA) in the US in October 2012.

ITU SFL will participate in the project with 1 coordinator and 8 researchers who have a range of experiences in designing courses and teaching engineering students.

Project Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene

Contact Person
Hande Yalınateş

Fatma Betül Akpınar
F. Şehkar Fayda Kınık
İmge Şahin Girtten
Nilüfer Ülker
Bekir Şerifoğlu
Çağatay Koç